How to minimise the risks of a contractor workforce

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Businesses face risks from all directions. Adverse economic conditions, individual disputes and even political turbulence can all have an impact on a company's ability to turn a profit. While many external factors are out of an operator's control, identifying internal risks ...

Smart Phones Vs Smart Wills

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- By Tania Brady, Senior Lawyer Earlier this month the Queensland Supreme Court decided that an unsent text message was a valid Will. Before you take this as justification to join the long list of people who say to me, “Why can’t I just write a list of who gets what? I don’t own ...

How novated leasing helps contractors save on a new car

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Oncore has partnered with industry leaders, nlc, to change the way people buy, sell and manage their cars for the better with novated leasingAs one of Oncore's many contractor services, a novated lease is an ATO-approved car finance option that allows you to treat your ...

Navigating the world of finance when you’re a contractor!

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- By Julie McKewin, Director of Finance While there may be exceptions to the rules, if you work in the world of contracting, below is a general guideline of how long you should be in your current role if you are looking to borrow money to buy a property; * in your current role for a ...

Little Market Wrap & Random fun Facts!

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- By Stacy L. Barnes, Superannuation & Investment Manager In a Nutshell August was an interesting month full of Geopolitical tensions triggering market turbulence with North Korea’s provocative missile testing countered with Trumps promise of ‘fire and fury’. The Euro made strong ...
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