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Can technology close the communication gap between businesses and contractors?

With an increased number of contractors, now is the time for businesses to sew up their processes. This is especially because communication skills rank as a major business issue – only made more likely with the introduction of more contractors. Is technology the answer?

How can you improve your invoice payment times in 2018?

Cash flow is vital for any Australian business. However, for contractors, the stakes are a little higher. With cash flow having a direct impact on your lifestyle, it’s important that measures are taken to ensure it never slows. How can you take steps to improve your cash flow in 2018?

How can working with Oncore help contractors set themselves up for the future?

Money management is an exercise that is easier said than done. As a contractor with a busy schedule of tasks to take care of, ensuring your wealth management practices can be tricky. So, how can Oncore Services help take the financial stress away for you and your family?

How to make 2018 a success for your small business

With the new year now upon us, now is the perfect time for business leaders to address the wrongs of 2017 and set themselves and their enterprises up for a great 2018. What should your goals and expectations be for the new year if you want to turn things around?

How to minimise the risks of a contractor workforce

Engaging independent contractors to carry out work for your company brings with it risks. Here are three you need to watch out for.

How novated leasing helps contractors save on a new car

A novated lease can be a good option for contractors looking for a new vehicle who also want to maximise the benefits that come with contracting.

Little Market Wrap & Random fun Facts!

– By Stacy L. Barnes, Superannuation & Investment Manager In a Nutshell August was an interesting month full of Geopolitical tensions triggering market turbulence with North Korea’s provocative missile testing countered with Trumps promise of ‘fire and fury’. The Euro made strong gains, coupled with with positive business surveys and improved credit growth. From a […]

WHS model laws clarify responsibilities toward independent contractors

Oncore and WorkPro e-book offers a clear breakdown of obligations toward contractors and temp workers. Revised workplace health and safety (WHS) laws take aim at the historical ambiguity surrounding contracted workers. Following a review of the existing legislation, which began in 2011, the Australian government has issued clarification about what happens when one organisation outsources […]

Oncore Wealth: Investment Property or First Home Buyer?

-Julie McKewin, Director of Finance Do you own an investment property?  With 30 June 2017 fast approaching, have you considered your options to maximise you tax deductions on your investment property? Prepaying the coming years interest on your investment loan may provide you with an instant tax deduction. We recommend you speak to your Accountant, […]

Oncore Wealth: All the ladies – Let’s Take the Lead on Insurance Protection

-Stacy L. Barnes, Superannuation & Investment Manager The gap between men and women is closing in most facets of life. But it seems there’s one area females still have some catching up to do – protecting themselves with insurance.  In our view we believe the problem lies in the historical notion of the male being […]

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