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What risk insurances are vital as a contractor?

Insurance is something that we all hope we never have to use. However, in the rare event that you do, you’ll want to have all the provisions available to support yourself and your family financially. So, if you’re a contractor, what are the different types of risk insurance that you should invest in?

Managing contractor engagements

Oncore is taking part in Recruitment Yarns 2018. Our roundtable will focus on managing contractor engagements. From understanding the different terminology used, to the risk versus reward proposition for your business and its balance sheet, this session will answer all your questions.

What are the new novated leasing initiatives available with Oncore?

Together with nlc, Oncore is delivering smart novated leasing options for contractors. We already know some of the financial benefits of this concept, so what about the other advantages and incentives to get involved? Here’s an update on what you need to know about novated leasing in 2018.

Do I have enough money for retirement?

Superannuation is a vital part of all Australians’ lives. However, statistics suggest we all can do better to prepare our financials for the future. With this in mind, how can Oncore Services help bridge this gap for contractors and their families in the future?

How can you improve your invoice payment times in 2018?

Cash flow is vital for any Australian business. However, for contractors, the stakes are a little higher. With cash flow having a direct impact on your lifestyle, it’s important that measures are taken to ensure it never slows. How can you take steps to improve your cash flow in 2018?

WHS model laws clarify responsibilities toward independent contractors

Oncore and WorkPro e-book offers a clear breakdown of obligations toward contractors and temp workers. Revised workplace health and safety (WHS) laws take aim at the historical ambiguity surrounding contracted workers. Following a review of the existing legislation, which began in 2011, the Australian government has issued clarification about what happens when one organisation outsources […]

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