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A solution that will help you manage time and beat the stress this holiday season

As we approach the holiday season, we begin to see the same symptoms that we see at this time, year after year. Stress levels begin to rise as competing commitments, both at work and in our personal lives, begin to creep in. The ‘end of year’ looms with a foreboding presence, where we know, if […]

A partnership that brings you more

We recently announced to our valued clients, and via a soft launch at our Winter client functions, about our new partnership with Consorty. Consorty is an online community of independent workers, consultants, solo professionals, micropreneurs, and everyone else who is or aspires to be their own boss. It was founded to support professionals to keep […]

Considering your online presence and building your brand

Social media has taken on many duties in how it’s used, from networking and marketing, to arguably the most well-known method of connecting and keeping in touch with family and friends. With the rise of professionally-minded platforms aimed at creating business, social ‘networks’ began to morph into social ‘networking’. This networking component has brought a […]

How to remain compliant at EOFY

With end of financial year and tax return time fast approaching, it’s a timely reminder to ensure you are claiming expenses compliantly. In a recent interview, ATO Assistant Commissioner Graham Whyte stated that, while the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is always on the lookout for compliance across the board, this year there is a focus […]

Growing your Super: Getting it right as a contractor

Being a contractor certainly has its perks. For one, you’re able to pick the jobs that suit you, in the regions where you want to work. What’s more, it’s easy to grow your skill set by working on a large number of diverse projects, sometimes in entirely different industries. Australian IT contractors especially are in […]

Corporates and contractors: Why the right solutions are so important

In many cases, contractors can be a far better option than full- or part-time employees. This is often the case when it comes to IT projects, as the roll out of new technologies can require skilled individuals for a period of weeks or months. Obviously, it’s not enough time to warrant going through arduous employment […]

Getting contractor engagement off on the right foot

As every manager and business leader knows, there are often times when contractors are a better option than employees. When undertaking new technology projects, for example, skilled IT contractors can be brought on board for a set amount of time, meaning there’s no need to jump through the complicated employment hurdles associated with hiring full- […]

Delivering recruitment software for better contractor management

We’ve been working hard on some advancements to our technology that makes work even easier for our Recruiters, and we are now happy to announce an integration partnership with JobAdder, specialists in recruitment software. JobAdder is a popular software with recruitment professionals internationally, with many of our own Recruiter clients already using the software themselves. […]

nbn a continual source of IT contractor jobs in 2016

The ongoing roll-out of the Australian National Broadband Network (nbn) is one of the largest ongoing telecommunications projects currently underway. In fact, it’s actually one of the biggest developments in the country full stop. From Perth to Flinders Island, nbn approved contractors are laying down extensive cable networks, setting up satellite systems and installing all […]

What does cloud market growth mean for IT contractors?

Whether in Australia, APAC or the world at large, IT is growing quickly and showing no sign of slowing. Businesses and governments alike continue to adopt cloud services, take advantage of new mobile and ultra portable devices and introduce new modes of effective communication. One of the technologies showing strong growth is that of public […]

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