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Five key services for contractors and businesses

In a number of industries and verticals, contractors are often one of the better choices when qualified individuals are required for a set period of time. According to Xero, contractors mean access to an array of skills, flexibility and lower overheads. But, management can be risky. This is where flexible and safe solutions for contractor […]

Putting contractor risk mitigation front and centre

Risk management is something every organisation needs to be thinking about. After all, both financial and legislative risks can prove problematic when developing a business, and in some cases even impair the long-term development of the organisation. The first step then is to understand how risks develop in the first place, moving on eventually to […]

EOFY – Get Super Ready

The end of the 2015/2016 taxation year is approaching fast and now is the best time to review the amount of superannuation contributions that your employers (including Oncore) have made to your Super fund(s) since the end of the last tax year. To enable you to maximise the contributions that are received by your funds […]

Are you considering mature workers as potential contractors?

Australia’s ageing population is resulting in more older workers seeking employment in the IT industry. Organisations that take advantage of this trend and engage older workers could gain a competitive edge over other businesses. Furthermore, focusing on candidates and ensuring you understand the skills and experience they offer takes time. For recruiters, investing in solutions that foster […]

Invoice payment times see dramatic improvement

Regardless of the size of your business, cash flow is a constant headache that needs to be addressed. Without a consistent stream of revenue, enterprises can’t commit to any form of business expansion, making it harder to remain competitive. The bulk of cash flow comes from debtors, either individuals or other businesses purchasing your goods […]

Contractors to fill UK skill shortage gaps

If the statistics released as part of the latest JobsOutlook survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) are to be believed, IT temps and contractors in the UK are set for a period of high demand. Each month, the REC interviews 600 employers up and down the UK to analyse the state of the IT recruitment […]

IT contracting – a major part of Australia’s future

It is easy to say that technology has changed our lives for the better. We now have access to world-leading medical technology; mobile connectivity allows us to communicate from almost anywhere and students are learning code at high school. As the National Broadband Network continues to take shape, NBN and KPMG Demographics have offered insight in the future […]

Digital solutions for a more productive future

We now live in an age where almost everything has a digital alternative. Tagging onto the bus without cash on the way to work is the norm and almost everyone conducts their banking on the internet. For businesses, the digital age represents an opportunity to adopt new technology and take advantage of the inherent productivity and financial […]

UK contractors attracting further investment

As the UK economy continues to improve after a long period of slow growth, it is IT contractors that could see some of the benefits. With business confidence on the rise, hiring intentions are also growing and enhancing the potential for candidates in the near future. According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (REC) monthly JobsOutlook report of 600 […]

Are current workplace laws gypping employees?

Employees and professional contractors alike are at the cornerstone of the Australian economy and therefore should be well protected under workplace relations framework. However, according to a draft report from the Productivity Commission, current laws aren’t going far enough to protect these employees and offer greater flexibility.  As part of this report, released in early August, the […]

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