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Good time to be a female contractor – Study

It comes as no surprise that the Australian IT industry is still wading its way through a seemingly impassable skill shortage. While this is slowing progress in some sectors, there is a silver lining – the increase in women working in technology. The IT industry has long been a domain for men with few opportunities for […]

Interested in the ICT contracting market?

Given the demand for contract and permanent ICT staff, it should come as no surprise that there is always movement in these industries.  In fact, the second quarter of 2015 was no different, according to statistics from the Information Technology Contract and Recruitment Association’s (ITCRA) ICT Employment Trends Report. Buyer’s market Across recent quarters, the ICT […]

IT contractors working longer hours?

One of the true benefits of IT contracting is the freedom of time. As contractors aren’t fixed to traditional hours, work/life balance is supposed to be better and stress kept at a minimum. However, according to the results of a recent CareerBuilder survey, professionals in the information technology industry are actually facing longer hours than ever. CareerBuilder polled […]

Confidence survey highlights room for growth

It is fair to say that business confidence plays an important role in both growth and development. Without the confidence to make key corporate decisions, it’s easy for businesses to fall away from the competition. At the same time, too much confidence can lead to decisions made without proper research and the right technology in […]

Cyber security concerns extend to IT contractors

For all the benefits of technology, there is one problem that will continue to lurk for years to come – cyber security. Whether external cybercriminals or internal hacks, managing information and data security has never been more important. In fact, according to 2014 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey, the number of global cyber security incidents rose an […]

Value of mature workers to IT industry

The IT industry continues to grow at lightning pace, as a result of advancing technology and businesses moving important data and information onto digital platforms. However, for all the benefits of this trend, Australia – and indeed the world – are seeing significant skill shortages. According to Australia’s Digital Pulse, a report released by Deloitte and the Australian […]

Contracting a key part of UK economy

If employees are looking for an opportunity to extend their work/life balance, there are few better choices than to start contracting. With the ability to apply their skills between businesses and add value across the industry, these individuals are beginning to become an important part of the UK economy. In a recently released report from […]

Debtors paying invoices faster – Report

The IT industry is a fast moving sector with new technology constantly improving potential development. However, seemingly minor issues such as slow invoice payments have the potential to slow growth. As such, it is pleasing to report the statistics from the latest Trade Payments Analysis out of Dun & Bradstreet. According to their figures, average […]

Young Australians and their savings habits

The next generation of Australians are the future leaders in all our industries including IT. However, there are many problems that this group of people will face – rising house prices, higher fuel bills and a generally larger cost of living. It is then pleasing to note the results of a recently released Savings Habit […]

ICT roles increase across Australia

The career scope of ICT professionals is only increasing, according to Australia’s Digital Pulse – a collaboration report from Deloitte and the Australian Computing Society. Based on the interesting findings, the digital technologies sector is one of the most promising aspects of the Australian economy – contributing $79 billion in the 2013-2014 financial year (5.1 […]

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