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The legal side of business succession: What you need to know

Business succession is on the mind of many Australian business leaders. However, this process is more than just handing over the keys to the next generation. In many circumstances, there are legal factors to be aware of and plan for well in advance. What are these, and how can Oncore Legal Solutions help?

How to plan for business succession

With the number of baby boomers heading towards retirement growing, more and more businesses are facing the challenges associated with succession. So, how should this work and what can Oncore’s Legal Solutions do to make this transition as easy as possible?

Do temporary staff make sense for my business?

Recruitment is an important part of businesses finding the skills and flexibility required to grow. However, it’s vital to remember that this doesn’t have to mean permanent hires. In fact, temporary staffing can be a more advantageous way from a practical and administrative perspective.

A solution that will help you manage time and beat the stress this holiday season

As we approach the holiday season, we begin to see the same symptoms that we see at this time, year after year. Stress levels begin to rise as competing commitments, both at work and in our personal lives, begin to creep in. The ‘end of year’ looms with a foreboding presence, where we know, if […]

Considering your online presence and building your brand

Social media has taken on many duties in how it’s used, from networking and marketing, to arguably the most well-known method of connecting and keeping in touch with family and friends. With the rise of professionally-minded platforms aimed at creating business, social ‘networks’ began to morph into social ‘networking’. This networking component has brought a […]

Three ways digital is better for businesses

With the advent of the digital world, companies should be embracing technological innovations the world has to offer. As time is money – so is adaptation. No matter if you offer contractor recruitment services or deliver raw materials to multiple industries, the digital revolution will leave no organisation untouched. Instead, businesses can not only survive […]

Corporates and contractors: Why the right solutions are so important

In many cases, contractors can be a far better option than full- or part-time employees. This is often the case when it comes to IT projects, as the roll out of new technologies can require skilled individuals for a period of weeks or months. Obviously, it’s not enough time to warrant going through arduous employment […]

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