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Getting contractor engagement off on the right foot

As every manager and business leader knows, there are often times when contractors are a better option than employees. When undertaking new technology projects, for example, skilled IT contractors can be brought on board for a set amount of time, meaning there’s no need to jump through the complicated employment hurdles associated with hiring full- […]

Delivering recruitment software for better contractor management

We’ve been working hard on some advancements to our technology that makes work even easier for our Recruiters, and we are now happy to announce an integration partnership with JobAdder, specialists in recruitment software. JobAdder is a popular software with recruitment professionals internationally, with many of our own Recruiter clients already using the software themselves. […]

What does cloud market growth mean for IT contractors?

Whether in Australia, APAC or the world at large, IT is growing quickly and showing no sign of slowing. Businesses and governments alike continue to adopt cloud services, take advantage of new mobile and ultra portable devices and introduce new modes of effective communication. One of the technologies showing strong growth is that of public […]

Five key services for contractors and businesses

In a number of industries and verticals, contractors are often one of the better choices when qualified individuals are required for a set period of time. According to Xero, contractors mean access to an array of skills, flexibility and lower overheads. But, management can be risky. This is where flexible and safe solutions for contractor […]

Putting contractor risk mitigation front and centre

Risk management is something every organisation needs to be thinking about. After all, both financial and legislative risks can prove problematic when developing a business, and in some cases even impair the long-term development of the organisation. The first step then is to understand how risks develop in the first place, moving on eventually to […]

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