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A solution that will help you manage time and beat the stress this holiday season

As we approach the holiday season, we begin to see the same symptoms that we see at this time, year after year. Stress levels begin to rise as competing commitments, both at work and in our personal lives, begin to creep in. The ‘end of year’ looms with a foreboding presence, where we know, if […]

Oncore Contractor Payroll announces its ECM-to-Xero integration

On the back of our recent announcement regarding the integration of Oncore’s Contractor management platform, ECM with Jobadder, Oncore is excited to announce its latest integration with Xero Accounting software. The Oncore ECM-to-Xero integration is designed to help our Recruiter clients streamline their accounting function of the OneVendor Cashflow Management model . Thanks to this […]

Three ways digital is better for businesses

With the advent of the digital world, companies should be embracing technological innovations the world has to offer. As time is money – so is adaptation. No matter if you offer contractor recruitment services or deliver raw materials to multiple industries, the digital revolution will leave no organisation untouched. Instead, businesses can not only survive […]

nbn a continual source of IT contractor jobs in 2016

The ongoing roll-out of the Australian National Broadband Network (nbn) is one of the largest ongoing telecommunications projects currently underway. In fact, it’s actually one of the biggest developments in the country full stop. From Perth to Flinders Island, nbn approved contractors are laying down extensive cable networks, setting up satellite systems and installing all […]

Breaking down the Australian gender wage gap

While Australia has made great strides on social concerns, gender inequality remains an issue across the country. In most sectors, including the technology industry, women are paid less than men and closing this gap will be key to ending the current skill shortage. According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and published by the Workplace Gender Equality […]

Innovation vital to Australia’s future?

In past years, Australian businesses and recruitment agencies only competed against local firms. This meant it was relatively easy to see what someone down the road was doing and learn from their experience. However, the world is now a global marketplace and it is just as important to learn from overseas businesses as those within Australia. Unfortunately, according to the findings […]

Incorporating technology to engage wider IT skills

Business and technology is a relationship that continues to go from strength to strength. Once very separate arenas, many more technological decisions are being made from the boardroom. While it isn’t a case of the IT department becoming obsolete, it does represent a change in responsibility. Regular employees within a business now understand the basics […]

Why your business needs a technological boost

Although sometimes we hate to admit it, technology is one of the core ingredients of business success. While many people still believe that old-fashioned manual data entry is the way to go, these processes are dated and likely to result in errors.  In fact, thanks to technology, simple tasks such as contractor payroll services and salary packaging has never […]

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