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Summary of the 2019/20 Federal Budget

Australians are set to head to the polling booths for the Federal election on Saturday 18th May 2019. At Oncore, we thought we would break down the key points from the Federal budget released in the previous week leading up to the election announcement. See below for a recap of the highlights.   Individuals From […]

The hype around co-working spaces for independent workers

In the past few years, shared co-working spaces have become popular with independent workers and freelancer professionals all around the world. This is largely due to co-working spaces counteracting the often-felt sense of isolation that working independently can bring. So are they really worth the hype? Or do the benefits really depend on what motivates […]

Could new taxation rules be on the horizon?

The digital economy is an ever-increasing aspect of Australia’s overall economy. But, could a new commission set up by the European Union (EU) mean that there are new taxation rules coming for the UK? Additionally, what does this mean for contractor services in Australia and the wider digital industry? What does the Commission aim to […]

How recruiters can attract the right talent

For many jobseekers, deciding on a role is more than simply finding a job. There are many factors that go into this decision and recruitment agencies need to understand what the key trends are for candidates. Rather than focusing on administrative tasks, recruiters need to be making the most of research that allows greater understanding […]

Looking at the big picture: What can business leaders do?

In today’s fast paced commercial world, flexibility is one of the major characteristics all successful businesses embody. Australian companies are no different. The end of the mining boom has put a new emphasis on technology and especially information and communications technology (ICT). To get the best out of this, companies are using contractor assistance and […]

How can IT contractors impact cyber security?

For a business to succeed it will need to be able to effectively govern risk and risk factors. However, there are a number of new risk areas that need to be accounted for. IT security is one such area. Nevertheless, there is a range of responses that business leaders can take in relation to IT […]

Youth and technology: How STEM will change Australia’s labour market

Australia is currently going through a transition period. After the downward spiral of the mining sector, the government is doing all it can to rebalance the economy. One such way is by encouraging young people to take up science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects and engage with new forms of work, such as IT […]

Australian mining company kicking goals: Boom far from over

Rio Tinto delivers very strong first half production Record first half iron ore shipments, production and rail volumes Pilbara ion ore system of mines, rail and ports reached a run rate of 290 million tonnes a year (Mt/a), two months ahead of schedule Production of hard coking coal improved in the first half of 2014 […]

Australian government pushing innovation

Australia is currently in the grips of a digital revolution. Businesses will need to take advantage of developments, such as online payroll services, to stay ahead to the curve. If a company is searching for a role model, it should look no further than the Australian Government. It is currently aiming to become a world […]

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