What do Australian businesses need to be across in EOFY 2018?

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With the 2017/18 financial year nearing its end, the team at Oncore Services explain more about specific EOFY functions and what can be done now for a successful 12 months ahead.Maintaining clean record keeping and financial complianceFor business leaders, EOFY is all about getting the books in ...

What happens if you don’t have a will when you pass away?

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We all hope that when we pass away the situation will be as stress-free and simple for our loved ones as possible. It's a time for reflection and mourning, not a time to be worrying about the details.That's why estate planning and wills are so important. These documents spell out ...

What risk insurances are vital as a contractor?

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What would you say is your most important financial asset? Is it your house, investments or maybe a trust?Your most crucial asset is really your health. Without good health, your ability to earn a living is compromised - which is where risk insurance policies come into play. With ...

The legal side of business succession: What you need to know

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With business succession such a hot topic among the corporate community at present, it's important to dig deeper into this area and see what it looks like practically.Gone are the days when you could work until retirement and hand over to a talented and engaged family member who is primed ...

Managing contractor engagements

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Thanks to the growth of technology and the increasing numbers of millennials in the New Zealand employment market, many businesses are considering the merits of flexible arrangements such as contracting their staff.In fact, by 2020 half the world's workforce is expected to be of ...
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