Superannuation and personal tax changes effective in the 2014 Budget

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Last month’s budget announcement was big news in Australia, taking over our radio, news stations and water cooler conversations. The most important thing to really know about it however, is how does it affect you? Our Wealth Management team have collated and compiled the relevant ...

Contractor payroll solutions and wealth management: A perfect match

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Did you know, in addition to our contractor payroll solutions, Oncore also has a wealth management service? Oncore Wealth Solutions is a newly created division of the Oncore Group and is run by a dedicated team of experts who can offer you viable wealth solutions no matter your circumstances. ...

Mitigating risk around Work Health and Safety

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The world of Work Health and Safety can be a complex and often uncertain one for employers, particularly when you throw recruiters and a contingent workforce into the mix. When contractors are recruited and then hired out via a host employer, or contractor management outsource company, there is ...

The emergence of contractor management outsourcing

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Like many across the globe, Australian businesses have experienced significant changes in the approach to workforce and contractor payroll management. Companies are adopting new strategies to manage their contingent workforce, brought on by the need to streamline their workforce engagement. The ...

Finding your ideal contractor umbrella company

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Contractor umbrella companies exist for the purpose of providing contractors with a comprehensive tax and payroll solution. With such a task, however, comes the responsibility of finding and picking the one that best suits your needs as a contractor. Unsure where to start? Begin by searching ...
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