How to plan for business succession

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Even for the most responsible and experienced business leaders in Australia, succession planning is a topic that few want to face. It doesn't matter whether they've been CEO for only a couple of years or have built the enterprise from the ground up; letting go is often ...

Do I have enough money for retirement?

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Superannuation. It's a concept that nearly all of us understand as important, but sometimes struggle to grasp how to take full advantage. For millennials, superannuation will prove critical. With Australia considering the merits of raising the retirement age, the amount that ...

Do temporary staff make sense for my business?

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Does every recruitment drive need to produce permanent hires? While this was a trend for many years, businesses across Australia are starting to see the benefits of temporary IT contractors as part of their team.This was recently illustrated in a Robert Half survey which found that 92 per cent ...

Can technology close the communication gap between businesses and contractors?

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What's the easiest way to speak to someone who sits on the next desk over? Of course, the answer is to speak to them in person, but for many business leaders, communicating with their team isn't this simple.This is because of the growing number of casual and permanent contractors operating ...

How can you improve your invoice payment times in 2018?

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As a contractor, the key is always to be the best that you can possibly be in every form of engagement. However, administration can be an extreme burden - taking your focus away from the many other important tasks at hand.One piece of administration that contractors constantly deal with are ...
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