This means we can provide you with a snapshot of your entire contractor workforce hours and rates at any time, leading to a greater overall
understanding of the engagement and costs of your workforce.

The Oncore portal is available 24/7 and guarantees up-to-date and detailed reporting across all aspects of your contractor workforce, to
assist with business growth and decision making. With knowledge of contract expiries across key management areas, we will also help
ensure the best utilisation of the existing contractor workforce.

Rich Data Capture
Reporting available through Oncore’s contractor management solutions includes everything from timesheets and expenses for approval to agency margin reporting, timesheet and approver chasing and drawdown reports.

This rich data capture allows you to effectively manage your contractors on a day to day basis, accurately managing all your contractors? expenses and giving you the knowledge to improve efficiencies across your agency and better manage cashflow.

Client support
Our global client service team provides support for every step of the contractor management process from invoicing and debt recovery to billing and payroll. Our client service team will provide you with personal support when needed and ensure your transition to Oncore is simple and stress free.