Launching Oncore’s Referral Rewards program

$200 when you refer to Oncore

refer and receive a reward from oncore

Do you know a contractor who could use our services?

Who can submit a referral?

Only existing contractors payrolled through Oncore are eligible to take part in this offer. Contractors who have been with Oncore either present or in the past, can take the opportunity to receive $200 Gift Card simply by referring Oncore’s services to a fellow contractor.
To do this, all you have to do is submit your details and the details of your referral in the form below. You can also send them the link and they can complete it but they must include you as the referrer for you to receive your reward.

Who can you refer?

Please feel free to refer as many in your network as you can, who are either already contracting or interested in contracting.
They do not need to be in a current contract to be referred by you. Once they sign up on a minimum 3 month contract, (over $500 daily rate) you’ll be notified of your successful referral.*

Claiming your $200 Gift Card Reward

Referral Reward of $200 (AUD) will be paid to you in the form of a gift card.
The referral reward will be paid on confirmation of the new contractor’s start date. Remember, there is no limit to the number of contractors a person can refer!

Why you and your contractor pals love us…

Fantastic onboarding, communication and support.
So much better than anything else I have used. Really blows the others out of the water.
Sean Business Analyst – VIC
I love Oncore’s service. Whenever I call, my question is always dealt with my a helpful and cheerful person.
DeniseConsultant – NSW
Oncore made it really easy for me to migrate my novated leasing while I was on contract. And their online portal makes it easy to track weekly payments. I would highly recommend Oncore.
DavidProject Lead – QLD

Please complete our Referral Form

Further Terms and Conditions.

1. Reward of $200 (AUD) will be paid to referring person in the form of an online gift card 2. The new contractor must not be known to Oncore for the referral to be paid. 3 The contract for the new contractor must be: More than $500 per day rate. Contract duration must be longer than 3 consecutive months. 4. The referral reward will be paid on confirmation of new contractor’s start date. 5. There is no limit to the number of contractors a person can refer