Our online timesheets & payroll management system has been developed in Australia to suit local workflows, as well as time and pay increments, and is scalable to support multiple clients and contractors, no matter what the size of your company.


Our contractor payroll solutions take the hassle out of managing your contingent workforce, with Oncore calculating and processing each individual contractor’s payroll based on their specific needs.

Each contractor has access to the Oncore online timesheet system and customer portal to update timesheets and review payroll information, such as payslips, as well as update personal details.


Setting up payroll frequency to suit you and your contractors

Payroll can be processed at the frequency requested or against existing contract arrangements and our online portal gives you access to a detailed PAYG payment confirmation report after salary payments have been completed, including a breakdown of pay, payment date etc.


Our ongoing managed service can also include the direct follow up of any outstanding contractors timesheets and any outstanding timesheet approvals.

We also have the expertise to discuss salary packaging solutions with your contractors, with the aim of providing them with extra financial benefit – a significant advantage to attract the best candidates. To ensure that your contractors are paid regularly and on time, Oncore may be able to provide short term debt funding or contractor advances. Funded solutions are offered at Oncore’s discretion and subject to Oncore’s funding requirements and checks.


Key features include:

  • 24/7 secure, simple, flexible input for the contractor
  • 24/7 easy and safe approval from the authorised line manager
  • Full status reporting, plus time/date
  • No upfront investment in software or any ongoing costs for system upgrades or maintenance
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Reduced risk of fraud during and after contract periods.