How to build and scale a contract business for recruiters

Missed the live webinar? Catch it here on replay whenever you need. Full of insights and tips from our panel for recruiters already building a contract business, and those thinking about how to start.

What we cover in this webinar:

For recruiters, the benefit of temp and contract placements is simple: recurring revenue. But building a contract business can be a little complex.

We have partnered with JobAdder and Ready Set Recruit Legal to present a webinar discussing the essential steps needed to establish a contract recruitment business, particularly in the white-collar space. Gain valuable insights from our speakers so you can start growing your agency.

What we cover in this webinar:


➡️ How a contract book can save and grow your agency

➡️ Your back-office essentials – admin, payroll, compliance

➡️ What is the ideal on-hire model for contractors?

➡️ Nailing the 3 C’s: Contractors, Clients, Colleagues

➡️ How to run and scale your contract business quickly and sustainably

Meet our panel speakers

Each of our speakers have had over 20 years experience in their industry.

Kristy Gilham

Head of Temp and High Volume at JobAdder.
Previously spent 4 years as an independent contractor and has run operations for numerous recruitment agencies.

Damian Bridge

Damian is Oncore’s CEO.
He successfully scaled 3 agencies; one from $35M to $125m in 4 years, was part of a small team who took one from $400m to $2.5bn in 6 years, took total control of one from $115m to $265m in 3 years. At Oncore he leads the company’s outsourced payroll and contractor management services for recruiters to help them grow their contract business.

Martin Richardson

Founder of Ready Set Recruit Legal.
Martin provides legal services for recruitment agencies around Australia. Martin has a background as General Counsel at Adecco and since 2017 has helped recruitment agencies with everything from documentation, to managing the lifecycle of contractors, onboarding contracts, and much, much more.

Ready to grow?

At Oncore we can help you build and scale your contract business whether you are a start up or an established agency. Reach out to us and we’ll get in touch. 

“Just want to say how much we appreciate Oncore. Feels like a true partnership when help is there whenever needed. Thank you for being awesome”.

James Grierson
GWG Partners