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A partnership that brings you more

Published 1st September 2016

We recently announced to our valued clients, and via a soft launch at our Winter client functions, about our new partnership with Consorty.

Consorty is an online community of independent workers, consultants, solo professionals, micropreneurs, and everyone else who is or aspires to be their own boss. It was founded to support professionals to keep the freedom and control to work independently, but with access to the benefits and support typically only available to employees.

As part of our partnership with Consorty, we have been able to offer our direct individual contractors free silver membership with Consorty for as long as they are contractors with Oncore.

This partnership with Consorty means we are able to share even more with you beyond our extensive contractor management. So as an Oncore contractor, not only do you get salary packaging management, compliant tax structures and insurances, Superannuation, plus other contractor management tools, you also get access to Consorty’s community and resources.

This means full access to Consorty’s range of tools, templates and guides, as well as the benefits and discounts program. Consorty’s Silver membership also gives contractors access to the Australian Contractor’s Guide, and to the online community hub; a forum with spaces for professionals of different specialties to network, share industry thoughts and insights, as well as gain access to community-shared job opportunities and events.

How you can make the most of your complementary Silver Membership to Consorty

The best thing you can do to get involved is get involved.

If you’re coming on as a new contractor with Oncore, you’ll be prompted when you log in to the Oncore portal to set up your profile in Consorty.

When you click ‘authorise’, you’ll be taken to Consorty. To start accessing the relevant spaces to you immediately, we recommend setting up your profile and interests straight away. But don’t worry, the process is easy and you’ll be taken through it step-by-step.

With this done properly from the beginning you see more immediate benefits, particularly when engaging in the community hub.

To find out more about the benefits you can gain as a contractor with Oncore, email or call 1300 654 484.