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ACT introduces labour hire licensing scheme set to start in 2021

Published 28th February 2020
ACT follows other states and territories with an introduction of their own labour-hire license scheme.

A new labour-hire licensing scheme was unveiled by the ACT government last week.

After flagging their intention to implement a licensing scheme in 2018, the government has revealed they intend to launch a new scheme sometime in 2021. The licencing scheme is intended to curb the exploitation of workers in some areas of labour-hire supply.

At the time, Chief Minister Andrew Barr said the ACT would look to existing systems in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland to help develop the laws. A comparison of each can be found here.

Under the new scheme, labour-hire companies will be forced to apply for a licence and to meet a ‘suitable person’ test and demonstrate their compliance with industry standards and workplace laws.

Similar to other states, a public register will also be set up for businesses and workers to know which labour-hire services are compliant with the new scheme. It is not yet clear if they will isolate the scheme to certain industries as other states have done or to create a blanket license to cover all levels of labour-hire supply.

Providers will have a six-month transition period to apply for license starting from January next year.