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Australian government pushing innovation

Published 22nd February 2016

Australia is currently in the grips of a digital revolution. Businesses will need to take advantage of developments, such as online payroll services, to stay ahead to the curve.

If a company is searching for a role model, it should look no further than the Australian Government. It is currently aiming to become a world leader in digital productivity and data management

Government investment in digital research: Data61

The Australian government will be looking to capitalise on the digital data revolution that will affect both government agencies and industry in general.

According to the Australian government, it will be investing $75 million into an initiative called Data61 – the outcome of a merger between National ICT Australia Ltd and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s digital research unit.

The merger has created one of the biggest research teams oriented towards digital information. Its mandate includes the implementation of analytics in an effort to create stronger relationships between different government data pools and break down any silos that may exist.

Data61 also aims to improve the cybersecurity for private industries by developing a new regulatory framework.

Additionally, Data61 will build better links between business and its research through a Data Research Network. One component of this will be data analytics workshops delivered to Australian businesses in an effort to increase their overall digital literacy.

Businesses can take advantage of this investment if they are willing to follow suit. However, to accomplish this, they may need to employ and manage IT contractor services to overcome the initial disruption period.

Push for an innovative Australia

The $75 million investment by Australia is part of a much larger plan to increase the country’s innovative core. One way the government is attempting to develop an innovative culture is by attracting highly talented individuals to Australia’s shores.

In a recent press release, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton announced the introduction of a new Entrepreneur Visa that will be offered to certain high performing people.

While immigration policy-makers have always targeted talented individuals, this is the first time they have introduced a visa that specifically earmarks innovative and entrepreneurial types.

“The visa system is a key enabler of Australia’s ability to attract and capitalise on the expertise and ideas of foreign innovators within a global marketplace,” said Peter Dutton.

The visa should attract people who have a range of start-up ideas and entrepreneurial talent, while also leading to job growth and a need for contractor services. It will target graduates and postgraduates from the science, technology, engineering and mathematics as well as specified ICT fields.

This should also be good news for businesses, as it may offer more talented individuals to contract to their organisation.

Businesses growth using digital technology

If organisations are looking to expand, they will need to be able to integrate technology into their business plan as well as their corporate structure.

Central to this is the ability to attract talented employees to their business. One of the many aspects individuals look for is a company’s capability to pay contractors on time every time.

There is also a range of ways to better manage contractor and employee care. Having reliable and quality contractor management software is a good place to start.

It will allow companies to streamline a range of services associated with hiring IT contractors. With this sorted, a company can focus their resources on other aspects, such as the implementation of new management frameworks that can better integrate IT services into the business – such as ITIL methodologies.

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