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Best online timesheet and payroll management solution

Published 16th March 2015

Did you know how easy the timesheet management of your contractors could be? Oncore’s online portal offers recruiters and corporates an effective solution to manage the administration of contractors through the one, readily available platform.

All of your contractors are able to submit their timesheets and expense claim requests online. It is then just as easy for you to manage these as the nominated approver. So not only is this all in the one place that’s accessible 24/7, but your approval process is secure and reliable too.

Through the portal, you also get detailed reporting options across all your contractors, giving you complete visibility and transparency on your contractor expenditure and their hours worked. 

We take the hassle out of managing the payroll of your contingent workers, with the expertise to provide your payroll solutions and thus reducing your administration costs. We pay your contractors regularly and on time through their PAYG, Pty Ltd or trust structure. And we follow up any outstanding timesheets or approvals to ensure we stick to that agreed timeframe.

Going hand in hand with this, our online portal also gives you access to a detailed PAYG payment confirmation report after salary payments have been completed. This gives a breakdown of pay and payment date, based on the frequency of pay agreed upon within existing contract arrangements. 

The cloud-based, online software through which everything is reported and run is the crux of Oncore’s ability to provide you with a comprehensive contractor management solution. This bespoke software solution means there is no upfront investment in the software for you, or ongoing costs for upgrades or maintenance to the system. Rather, it is a secure, online portal that has all the contractor data you need for their management, at your fingertips.

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