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Can technology close the communication gap between businesses and contractors?

Published 19th January 2018

What’s the easiest way to speak to someone who sits on the next desk over? Of course, the answer is to speak to them in person, but for many business leaders, communicating with their team isn’t this simple.

This is because of the growing number of casual and permanent contractors operating outside the traditional office setting. With this in mind, how can modern businesses keep the lines of communication open with contractors who they might never met in person?

The changing nature of working

Whether it’s the advent of wireless internet, cloud computing or standing desks, the office environment continues to change at a rapid pace. This also extends to how we are working, with the ‘The Future of Talent’ report from the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) highlighting what business leaders think the next generation of employees will look like.

Flexible working opportunities mean more contractors.Flexible working opportunities mean more contractors.

One of the interesting takeaways from the survey was that 40 per cent believe that there will be an increase in casual/contractor employment over the next ten years.

CA ANZ Leader of Policy and Thought Leadership Geraldine Magarey explained what the result would be for business leaders.

“This doesn’t mean the end of the traditional full-time job, it’s about how business are looking to find different ways to utilise workers across their lifetime,” she said.

“It’s a great sign for older workers who would prefer part-time retirement, students with study commitments and new parents who don’t yet want to go back to a full-time job.”

As mentioned above, there is one ongoing hurdle to businesses having more contractors on the books – communication. Around 90 per cent of the 400 business leaders surveyed identified communication as the key attribute for the future. This presents a good question: How will your business address this situation moving forward?

Is technology the answer?

In this day and age, it might seem obvious that technology can help to bridge the gap between businesses and contractors, yet it’s the most accessible and simple approach to take.

Oracle notes that poor communication between these two parties is one of the main reasons why budgets overrun and delays spiral out of control. Furthermore, when there are unexpected issues such as supply chain problems, differing site conditions, or inspection delays, this lack of communication and collaboration is only made worse.

Technology acts as the link between businesses and contractors.Technology acts as the link between businesses and contractors.

Bad communication can also cause problems on the administrative side. As the relationship between businesses and contractors can include everything from payroll and taxation to invoicing and expenses, it’s important to use technology that makes it easy for everyone to and operate. This is where the expert team at Oncore Services can help.

How does using Oncore bridge the communication gap between both parties?

If your business has plans to increase the number of contractors on your payroll in 2018, it could be a good idea to invest in Oncore’s contractor payroll solutions. Transparent, innovative and efficient, these solutions are a complete end to end tailored solution for both businesses and contractors.

Oncore can minimise potential confusion around things like time and attendance capture, contract management, invoicing collections and receipting – there’s no risk of things being lost or sent to the wrong person as it all runs through integrated software – thus reducing the risk of miscommunication.

On a basic level, Oncore’s solutions include:

  • Online Timesheets and Payroll Management
  • Expense Processing
  • Detailed Reporting and Client Service
  • Employment Management and Contractor Care
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Contractor Management Software

Our leading-edge technology can provide solutions that meet the expectations of all parties and can ensure a positive working relationship moving forward. We are quick to pick up on new innovations to allow flexibility as your contractor base grows. As a result, you can trust our solutions regardless of whether you have one contractor or 1,000 on your books.

If you would like to learn more about how Oncore can support your contractors in 2018, feel free to get in touch with us today – we look forward to working with you!