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Contractor payroll solutions and wealth management: A perfect match

Published 12th May 2014

Did you know, in addition to our contractor payroll solutions, Oncore also has a wealth management service? Oncore Wealth Solutions is a newly created division of the Oncore Group and is run by a dedicated team of experts who can offer you viable wealth solutions no matter your circumstances.

Oncore Wealth Solutions offers a wide range of options for individuals, whether you’re single or a family with one or more streams of income, already using our contractor payroll solutions or completely new to the range of Oncore services. These options include personal risk and family protection, retirement planning and preparation, and wealth maximisation and sustainability.

A large factor of the wealth management service Oncore Wealth Solutions provides, however, is the assistance in establishing and utilising your own Self Managed Super Fund. This will allow you to take control of your future and retirement lifestyle goals, and see every detail of your investment clearly with the flexibility to diversify your Self Managed Super Fund choices to further suit your unique needs. These factors work together to ensure your Self Managed Super Fund outperforms other industry and retail fund options.

Oncore Wealth Solutions also provides solutions for business owners to assist in wealth creation and sustainability. We can provide valuable tools to help you understand the rate and direction of your cash flow, with extensive financial reporting options and training to cover the needs of your business.

We’re delivering this wealth management service to not only our existing clients through Oncore’s contractor payroll solutions, but to anybody who understands the need for an effective retirement plan.

Visit the Oncore Wealth Solutions website for more information or call 1300 654 484 to speak to one of our dedicated wealth management experts.