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Cyber security concerns extend to IT contractors

Published 14th August 2015

For all the benefits of technology, there is one problem that will continue to lurk for years to come – cyber security.

Whether external cybercriminals or internal hacks, managing information and data security has never been more important.

In fact, according to 2014 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey, the number of global cyber security incidents rose an incredible 48 per cent in a 12-month period. These statistics are compounded by PwC stating that the average financial loss from such breaches was a staggering $3.07 million in 2014.

However, these figures are global, so it is vital to analyse the thoughts of Australian IT managers. Considering more and more Australian IT businesses are moving their data online and working with contractors through the cloud, cyber security is an issue that needs to be dealt with promptly.

Weekly cyber breaches?

Centrify polled 100 IT managers in both Australia and New Zealand and discovered some worrying trends. 

Based on the responses, 46 per cent had experienced a cyberbreach in the last week. Additionally, 13 per cent of IT managers believed some form of attack had even occurred in the last 60 seconds.

Centrify senior director APAC sales, Niall King, explained that cybercriminals have a greater chance of accessing private information when it isn’t physically stored.

“The challenge is that today’s corporate perimeter has nothing to do with physical headquarters and contains data that resides in the cloud and on numerous devices employees and contractors use in the field,” he noted.

“As employees reach for the cloud on their mobiles to get their jobs done, it opens up greater security vulnerabilities. As a result, there is a greater need than ever for unified identity security across multiple devices and platforms.”

Concerns for the next 12 months?

Respondents were also asked what their biggest concerns over the next 12 months were. Unsurprisingly, the top answer was cyber security (56 per cent of IT managers). However, cloud computing (55 per cent), mobile applications and management (both 21 per cent) also received support.

“The combination of cloud computing and mobile access is creating incredible security headaches for organisations globally,” Mr King noted.

How can Oncore Services help?

At Oncore Services, we take cyber security and other concerns that IT businesses have seriously. As such, we have developed a full suite of software service options incorporating some of the most important features a business handles. From payroll and tax to superannuation, Oncore Services can provide secure and productive HR functions for you and your contractors.