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Delivering recruitment software for better contractor management

Published 17th May 2016

Oncore and JobAdder
We’ve been working hard on some advancements to our technology that makes work even easier for our Recruiters, and we are now happy to announce an integration partnership with JobAdder, specialists in recruitment software.

JobAdder is a popular software with recruitment professionals internationally, with many of our own Recruiter clients already using the software themselves. With Oncore and JobAdder’s respective software technology integrated and working together, we’re making it even easier to manage the recruiting process. This convenience means removing unnecessary double ups when inputting job listing data, a task that can be tedious and take up more time than anyone would like.

JobAdder have a very specific aim of ‘simplifying the recruitment process’ and have been successfully doing so since 2007, with their software built exclusively for the web from the very beginning. This complements Oncore’s mission to make recruitment a hassle-free process, whether that’s recruiting in-house or through an agency.

Oncore’s ICT Manager, John Tweedy, spoke about the wonderful experience of dealing with the team who have worked on JobAdder and continue to improve it day by day.

“Having this integral relationship now makes it even easier for our customers to benefit from the automatic exchange of data between our ECM system and JobAdder’s software,” Tweedy said.

Our two development teams have been working hard on this integration, with our quality assurance team in testing to ensure it works seamlessly for our valued clients. Once this integration and testing phase is complete, our clients will be informed of exactly how they can enable the integration in their Oncore ECM portal.

For more information about how this integration will help streamline the recruitment process and the tasks involved in recruiting, view the press release here.

At Oncore, we pride ourselves on the open and clear communication channels we have that run both ways between us and our clients. It is because of the valuable feedback we receive from our clients about what works and what would work better that we are able to continue to provide excellence in contractor management services.

For more information about Oncore or our partnership with JobAdder, please feel free to contact the team directly.

Oncore Services – Phone 1300 654 484 or email
JobAdder – email