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Hiring times put pressure on existing professionals

Published 17th September 2015

Regardless of the scope of your IT industry business, skill shortages could be playing havoc with your development and growth. With demand for IT services only increasing, having the right IT contractors on hand is vital.

However, according to a report released earlier this year, recruitment is getting harder and harder. Management advisory company CEB polled 6,000 hiring managers and 900 recruiters to gauge their thoughts on recruitment and analyse the impact of skill shortages on the wider team.

One of the main findings to come out of the report was the average fill time. In 2015, employers are waiting around 68 days to fill any position, compared to the 42 recorded in a similar report in 2010.

Samantha Hickey, CEB talent practice director explained businesses that struggle to retain and hire staff are at risk of encountering productivity and engagement issues among their existing employees and contractors.

“The knock-on effect of having an open position puts pressure and stress on colleagues who not only have to pick up the additional work, but also rely on this position to help them do their job effectively,” she said.

“This can lead to burnout and reduced job satisfaction as employees try to compensate for the missing team member.”

Increase in recruitment forecasted

To ensure that these recruitment demands don’t affect your business in the future, it will be important that your employer care and payroll services are up-to-date and fully functioning. This thought is compounded by recent statistics out of KPMG International. 

According to the KPMG CEO Outlook Study, 66 per cent of leaders in the Asia Pacific region are confident about how their business is growing and their recruitment prospects for the coming three years.

In fact, globally, 80 per cent of CEOs are planning on hiring more staff over the next few years.

“The results demonstrate that Australian businesses are capitalising on a policy environment that has become more stimulatory this year. CEOs are seeing positive momentum in the years ahead,” KPMG’s Australian Chairman, Peter Nash explained.

“The weaker Australian dollar and looser monetary and fiscal policy are home-grown forces supporting a lift in business initiatives and enthusiasm for the future.”

With recruitment and retaining staff important concepts moving forward, businesses would be wise to work with a provider that can take them to the next level. For more information on how Oncore Services can assist your team, contact us today.