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Incorporating technology to engage wider IT skills

Published 24th September 2015

Business and technology is a relationship that continues to go from strength to strength. Once very separate arenas, many more technological decisions are being made from the boardroom.

While it isn’t a case of the IT department becoming obsolete, it does represent a change in responsibility. Regular employees within a business now understand the basics of most forms of technology and are a good judge of what works within the HR department, for example. 

This is where the concept of IT management comes into play. According to Gartner, every employee is now a digital employee.

Research Vice President Matt Cain said digital dexterity levels have improved considerably in recent years.

“They operate their own wireless networks at home, attach and manage various devices, and use apps and web services in almost every facet of their personal lives,” he said.

Bimodal IT?

With a workforce that is able to operate within highly technical environments, businesses need to develop different ways to keep their skills tied to the organisation. One option is through bimodal IT.

Gartner defines bimodal IT as the process that separates traditional IT from new digital systems. While looking after the demands of emerging technology, the traditional infrastructure remains settled and stable. This means businesses can experiment with various form of innovation without risking the entire network.

Mr Cain explained that this is a critical balance to get right.

“Organisations that formally embrace and extend the digital competencies of their employees will experience improved business outcomes and gain a competitive advantage,” he stated.

“The trick, however, will be to ensure that employees willingly embrace new technology, rather than feel threatened by it.”

Technology – key to innovation

Regardless of the industry, businesses are looking for innovation and productivity to get them up and beyond the competition. Based on the findings of a Microsoft Lumia survey, technology could be the answer that businesses are looking for.

A total of 39 per cent of the respondents believe that technology can improve collaboration and innovation within their framework. A percentage (32 per cent) also state having technology available will reduce unproductive time.

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