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Integration – a vital part of IT contracting

Published 7th July 2015

As more and more businesses start to require technological overhauls, IT contractors are expected to become a vital part of the recruitment landscape.

However, according to recruitment experts Hays, the way that businesses integrate these outsourced contractors is vital to the entire project’s success. Much like any employee wants to be respected and connected to their peers, IT contractors need to feel part of the team in order to maximise their productivity.

What are the benefits of IT contractors for employers?

As well as the obvious revenue gains from not hiring full-time, there are a number of benefits associated with businesses working with IT contractors. These include creating a flexible workforce and the incorporation of specialist skills. 

With this in mind, Hays pointed out that businesses can encounter people management issues if unfamiliar with contracting protocol though. Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, explained this in more detail.

“Any company entering into a partnership of this kind needs to ensure that the outsourced team believes in the same core values as their own,” he said in a May 11 media statement.

“If the team coming in already shares the same ethics and is able to embrace the company’s culture, the foundations are there to build a strong working relationship.”

How can businesses and IT contractors form a positive relationship?

Hays noted a number of ways in which businesses can create a productive relationship with IT contractors, including:

  • Goals and objectives

It is important that the host company, outsourced team and senior management are all on the same page when it comes to goals and objectives. By understanding what the end target is, it will be easier to track performance and assess weaknesses.

  • Training

While an IT contractor isn’t a full-time employee, they still require the same level of training as regular workers. Not only does this show that they are a valued member of the team, it ensures that they can handle internal systems and processes with ease.

  • Communication

One of the biggest issues for businesses and IT contractors to sort out is communication. Both parties entered into the contract to get a job done so it’s vital that communication lines are kept open throughout. 

Regular meetings will check that the IT contractor is on track to deliver the project within the allocated deadline. If not, steps can be implemented to help achieve the goal.

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Integration - a vital part of IT contracting