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IT contractors working longer hours?

Published 25th August 2015

One of the true benefits of IT contracting is the freedom of time. As contractors aren’t fixed to traditional hours, work/life balance is supposed to be better and stress kept at a minimum.

However, according to the results of a recent CareerBuilder survey, professionals in the information technology industry are actually facing longer hours than ever.

CareerBuilder polled more than 1,000 full-time workers in this occupation, among others, and discovered that 63 per cent accept that working nine to five isn’t a true representation of their workload. In fact, 50 per cent check or reply to work emails outside of contracted hours.

Additionally, some professionals like to extend themselves through overtime, with 62 per cent indicating they did it by choice rather than as a burden.

Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer of CareerBuilder?, explained that technology has got to the point where it is possible for IT contractors to check in from anywhere and work outside the regular nine-to-five.

“Moving away from a nine-to-five work week may not be possible for some companies (yet), but if done right, allowing employees more freedom and flexibility with their schedules can improve morale, boost productivity and increase retention rates,” she said in a July 23 media statement.

Male or female comparison

The IT contracting industry is moving towards a gender-neutral environment as more and more women join the sector. CareerBuilder offered some insight into whether males or females were operating more outside normal hours. According to the figures, males were more likely to work beyond the clock (44 per cent) compared to women (32 per cent).

Similarly, a majority of men (59 per cent) check their emails outside work in contrast to women (42 per cent). 

Overtime statistics

These statistics correlate well with recent Hays Recruitment figures surrounding overtime.

In its 2015 Hays Salary Guide, 28 per cent of Australian organisations had increased overtime rates in the past 12 months. More than 10 per cent of professionals were working an extra 10 hours per week – in some cases unpaid.

Supporting IT contractors

With IT professionals working longer hours, it is up to businesses and recruiters to support them in their endeavours. Take Oncore Services for example.

Through our contractor management software and assistance offerings, we can ensure your busy contractors are on the right superannuation packages, are being paid on time and have the correct insurance cover.

For more information about how we can help your IT contractors, contact our expert team today.

IT contractors working longer hours