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Contractor Insights Report 2020

Need an actionable guide to help you attract, engage and manage your contractor workforce? 

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Leading the global shift to contracting

The current global pandemic is accelerating a trend for organisations to offer more contract opportunities.

As organisations prepare to rebuild they need to add capability to their workforce quickly and with contractors who can hit the ground running.

The key to hiring, managing and optimising this workforce is to understand their unique set of needs and motivations.

At Oncore we ran a survey with our career contractors to ask them why they contract, what they value most from their clients, what their challenges are and how best to attract and engage them.

What you’ll learn from this report:

  • The benefits of hiring contractors during a downturn and what this means for your stakeholders
  • Insights about career contractors to help you build a contingent workforce strategy
  • Actionable ideas to attract, engage and manage contractors

This report was compiled in collaboration with Suzanne Doyle (Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Consultant at TQ Solutions, and formally TA Manager at Rio Tinto) and Brenton Henderson (Founder of Oncore and former IT contractor)