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Managing contractor engagements

Published 10th April 2018

Thanks to the growth of technology and the increasing numbers of millennials in the New Zealand employment market, many businesses are considering the merits of flexible arrangements such as contracting their staff.

In fact, by 2020 half the world's workforce is expected to be of the millennial generation, according to PwC. This means today's business leaders need to be more open towards contracting and how it can add value to their operations.

So if your business want to be a leader in contractor management, where do you start?

Recruitment Yarns (May 8 – June 20)

Oncore Services is proud to announce that we will be part of Recruitment Yarns in 2018 – a recruitment roadshow that will visit 10 cities across Australia and New Zealand over the coming months. A great opportunity to interact and collaborate with industry leaders, the Recruitment Yarns event is all about sharing great ideas that can help your business thrive.

Damian Bridge, our Global Client Solutions Manager, will be leading a roundtable at Recruitment Yarns on its New Zealand leg, focusing on managing contractor engagements. With a long and distinguished career in C-level and executive roles, Damian has a wealth of knowledge and experience in large national staffing solutions businesses.

With contractor management becoming more important, Damian's roundtable will provide clarity around some of the core elements. These include:

  • Understanding the different terminology,
  • The risk versus reward proposition for your business and its balance sheet,
  • Compliance and contractual issues around insurance, work health and safety, and taxation remittance.

Of course, there is also a focus on the practical aspect of contractor workflows:

  • Sourcing candidates,
  • Negotiating contracts,
  • Onboarding/inductions,
  • Time and attendance capture/authorisation,
  • Invoicing, payment terms and reconciliations.

Practical scenarios – bringing contracting to life

While it's all well and good talking about processes, there is nothing better than practical scenarios where you can work through how contracting might look in your business. Damian is passionate about helping businesses with the here and now, so feel free to bring your real examples to the roundtable. 

In order to run a successful and profitable contractor book in 2018, you need a comprehensive risk management system, HR personnel and processes in place. Learn about this and more at Recruitment Yarns with the Oncore Services team.

If you would like more information about the upcoming roadshow series in New Zealand or how Oncore can support your contractor administration, get in touch with our team today!