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Mitigating risk around Work Health and Safety

Published 7th March 2014

The world of Work Health and Safety can be a complex and often uncertain one for employers, particularly when you throw recruiters and a contingent workforce into the mix. When contractors are recruited and then hired out via a host employer, or contractor management outsource company, there is a joint responsibility between both recruiters and host employers to uphold Work Health and Safety standards.

With many companies unaware of their legal liability for the Work Health and Safety of contractors when payroll has been outsourced, Oncore, as part of its contractor payroll solutions, has made efforts to ensure the risks are mitigated for its contractors, recruiters and host employers.

Through a partnership with WorkPro, Oncore is committed to ensuring all contractors remain free from risk to their health and safety. Pre-engagement inductions and screenings, vital to ensure contractors are prepared for their contract role, have become part of due process. WorkPro is the most widely used and recognised Work Health and Safety induction provider in Australia, and will deliver easy to access Work Health and Safety online inductions and training for Oncore contractors.

So what’s the importance and need for all of this? The primary concern is obviously to ensure all contractors are able to perform their role in a safe working environment. The Corporate Risk is that without appropriate inductions and ongoing procedures relating to WH&S being adhered to, businesses will face the unfortunate circumstances of being exposed  to increased liability should a workplace accident occur due to inadequate procedures.

Mitigating this risk for all parties involved is therefore of paramount importance. It is simply not enough for shortcuts to be taken when it comes to Work Health and Safety, when such an issue not only includes physical injuries, but those relating to stress, bullying and harassment as well. Part of the solution is in providing the right training in the most efficient and adequate way possible for all parties involved.

As an industry-wide contractor solution, once an Oncore contractor has completed a WorkPro profile and the requirements, the information is stored in their profile. The information can then be securely shared with other potential agencies or clients, saving the contractor from having to complete the same paperwork and training each time a contract role is applied for.

To find out more about Oncore’s contractor payroll solutions and how risks around Work Health and Safety can be mitigated, call 1300 654 484 and speak to one of our dedicated team members.