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nbn a continual source of IT contractor jobs in 2016

Published 11th May 2016

The ongoing roll-out of the Australian National Broadband Network (nbn) is one of the largest ongoing telecommunications projects currently underway. In fact, it’s actually one of the biggest developments in the country full stop.

From Perth to Flinders Island, nbn approved contractors are laying down extensive cable networks, setting up satellite systems and installing all of the necessary supporting infrastructure to give Australians access to fast broadband.

The roll-out continues year after year, however, meaning there’s a significant opportunity here for professional IT contractors. These are the skilled individuals who can support the ongoing project.

A network that’s significant – and growing

At just the beginning of this year, a substantial 1,623,916 premises across the country could connect to the nbn. This isn’t to say homes that are actually connected, but rather homes with the necessary infrastructure in place. This number includes 479,303 homes in NSW, 313,718 in QLD, 135,717 in WA and 362,225 in VIC. The other states are in a similar way – the roll-out means numbers climb higher every year.

Fixed wireless coverage, fixed line services and satellite technologies all played a part in network growth.

Faster technology on the horizon

The nbn is all about the future, with the network roll-out designed to ensure fast data transfer speeds for years to come. Seemingly validating the choice to opt for fibre optic cabling, ExtremeTech reported that a team of researchers from both the Netherlands and the US beat a speed record for a fibre optic network.

The team was able to transfer a total of 255 terabits per second through a single glass fibre strand. This is equivalent to around 32 terabytes – no small number.

ExtremeTech explained the true size of this achievement, noting that the current fastest single-fibre links currently in commercial operation are only capable of transferring around 100 gigabytes per second. This makes it 2,550 times slower than this new world speed record.

It’s a sure sign that the nbn has gone with the right technology for this endeavour. Following a world speed record back in 2011, nbn Chief Technology Officer Gary McLaren explained that such tests show why a fibre network is the best choice for Australia, especially as the amount of data being transferred continues to expand.

“As fibre optic technology improves, so too will speeds and the amount of data that can be carried over the network we are building today. This gives us confidence that we’re delivering the right communications infrastructure to sustain our nation for decades to come,” he said.

A source of opportunity

Chorus explained that faster and more consistent broadband can help both people and businesses to become more efficient and effective when using the internet. The organisation also noted that it’s an important way to drive innovation as well as growth.

Throughout Australia, the nbn continues to expand. While this means nothing but good things for residents across the country, there’s a real opportunity for long-term work. Skilled IT contractors can play an important part in the delivery of nbn services in every state.

For example, homes and businesses need to be connected to the wider network and telecommunications companies have to install the necessary networks and transmission systems. This isn’t to mention the need to support individuals and businesses after the network has been installed.

Whether you’re a business looking to bring on IT contractors this year as part of nbn developments, or perhaps a contractor looking to operate with a higher degree of financial security, reach out to Oncore Services today.