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Oncore response to COVID-19 and reassurance of our service

Published 18th March 2020

Oncore Public release:

We understand that everyone in some way is being affected by the current COVID-19 outbreak and we are reminded of just how critical it is to support one another during these challenging times.

We want to reassure you that at Oncore we are taking strong measures to protect our staff and our communities in response to COVID-19.

What we are doing:

Oncore is following our Business Continuity Plan and as such;

  • We have cancelled all business travel and recommended that our team keep non-urgent personal travel to a minimum.
  • We are only accepting the minimum number of visitors to our offices and have cancelled all planned events, meet-ups, and conferences.
  • We are opting for phone and video meetings with internal staff and with our clients.
  • We are focusing on educating our teams on best practices for prevention including emphasizing staying home when sick, respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene by all staff and have provided sanitizes.
  • We have encouraged employees to work from home where possible and have provided assessments for staff under our WFH policy.

Providing Reliable Business Support

In making these adjustments, we want to assure you that our services to clients will not be disrupted in any way. Providing our customers with reliable business support and payroll processing in a time like this is our priority.

We are fortunate that as a company, we have long provided flexible and remote working conditions for staff and so many of our team members are well equipped to manage their roles from home. We also have a strong technology infrastructure and an in-house team who can respond quickly to any issues.

As this unprecedented situation continues to evolve, we will update both our clients and our networks and communities with any additional changes within our business.

We encourage everyone to keep up to date with the latest news also from government sources.

It is highly recommended that you visit the website for daily updates. The site also has fact-sheets, resources and videos available here.

The Federal Government has also introduced a 17 billion dollar stimulus package in response to the impact of the coronavirus COVID-19 on our local economy and more are to be announced.