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Oncore Wealth: All the ladies let’s Take the Lead on Insurance Protection

Published 23rd May 2017

-Stacy L. Barnes, Superannuation & Investment Manager

The gap between men and women is closing in most facets of life. But it seems there’s one area females still have some catching up to do – protecting themselves with insurance.  In our view we believe the problem lies in the historical notion of the male being the primary breadwinner. It’s time for a rethink.

Women now earn 92% of male salaries[1]. And despite making up 45% of the workforce, females represent only 15-20% of all insured incomes[2].

The lack of insurance for women doesn’t make sense – particularly when you consider how much more vulnerable women often are financially. This vulnerability stems from less time in the workforce, with women often assuming the role of primary carer of children and/or elderly relatives. As a result women typically have less savings, and less superannuation than men.

Considering women will statistically live longer, they can ill-afford extra setbacks.

We urge all women, particularly those with a family and/or a mortgage, to review their insurance needs regularly.

Whilst this article is tilted to grab the attention of issues that face women, all primary carers and breadwinners, men or women, should take the time to reflect and review their role in the family. Should the primary carer fall ill, the working partner may have to give up, or reduce working hours, to care for the family unit for a short or extended period.

When contracting we understand that there are uncertainties, we understand there may be delays in contracts and income can change the lifestyle of the family unit significantly in a short period of time. If these delays are to come in the form of an unexpected sickness or an accident, quality income protection will assist in bridging the gap in support, giving you time to recover.

Oncore Wealth solutions has negotiated and partnered with a panel of Insures who understand the lifestyle of contractors and offer coverage to suit, not a traditional employee, that’s OK!

Have a think and drop us a line, we can assist you in deciding on the coverage you may need, review or provide a market comparison on your current coverage, or we can just have a chat about what’s out there, how it works, how it can be paid for, with no obligation.

Oncore Wealth Solutions services are available to you as apart of your Oncore Payroll relationship.

Sleep easy, there’s no point putting it off until it’s too late and understand the importance of your role, you deserve to be covered.

You can contact the Oncore Wealth Solutions team by calling 1300 654 484 or emailing

[1] ‘Australian Social Trends, 2005 – ABS

[2] ‘Australians at risk’ – IFSA, 2006