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Outsourcing key to staying competitive

Published 30th October 2015

Recruitment is a fast-paced, competitive industry that requires a lot of focused attention and energy. In privately-owned businesses, such as many recruitment agencies, there is the common trend of trying to do everything yourself as an owner, which risks stunting the growth of the company. This happens when the key decision makers are stuck doing back-office tasks each day that they’d rather not spend their precious time on when they could be more productive elsewhere; driving initiatives and building growth of the business. 

With outsourcing of back office tasks becoming more than just a trend in the corporate world, the benefits of doing so have become more and more evident. Many companies use outsourcing as a cost-cutting strategy while using the opportunity to capitalise on the skills of the outsourced professionals. Similarly, small business owners enjoy business growth and an increase in productivity as a result of outsourcing back office tasks to skilled professionals. This is one great way of ensuring you keep up with your competitors and don’t get left behind while you’re bogged down in dealing with those functions that are necessary but don’t directly drive growth for your business.

Due to the nature of the business they’re in, outsourcing isn’t a new concept to recruitment agencies. So if you’re a recruiter who’s looking to take the next step in growth for your business, why not practice what you preach and enjoy what outsourcing your back office tasks can do for you.

The team at Oncore Services have been working with agencies and professionals in the recruitment industry for close to two decades, supporting agencies large and small to maximise and boost their growth through the outsourcing of back-office contractor payroll and management services. 

These services include contractor setup, timesheet and payroll management, risk mitigation thanks to Oncore’s comprehensive compliance processes, Superannuation and insurance handling, plus so much more.

Contact the team today to speak to one of our dedicated team members about how Oncore Services can provide a valuable contractor management solution to your business.

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