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The emergence of contractor management outsourcing

Published 31st January 2014

Like many across the globe, Australian businesses have experienced significant changes in the approach to workforce and contractor payroll management. Companies are adopting new strategies to manage their contingent workforce, brought on by the need to streamline their workforce engagement. The growing complexities of juggling full-time, part-time, job share, and satellite employees, as well as a growing segment of contingent workers, has also played a part in the development of this change.

For organisations who are rebuilding following the GFC, a strong contingent workforce is an essential part of a risk-averse talent pool. Contractors ensure your access to appropriate skills for critical roles, which is something not always achievable when recruiting for permanent positions. With the employment of more contractors, however, can come greater risks and more administration headaches.

Outsourcing of temporary workers, specialists, contractors, and consultants is becoming more common as companies realise the benefits. Contractor payroll and management outsourcing is a growing trend among corporates as a solution to manage the complexities that come with a large contingent workforce, which greatly minimises risks and takes administrative pressure off HR departments. This is because by law, contractors need to be managed in a very different way than permanent employees, which most often results in an added burden for a company’s HR department.

Employing contractors can be complex with specific legislation covering everything from how contracts are drafted to how employment and payment is structured. Due to this, companies often find having access to someone with an expert understanding of these compliance matters who can also help ensure financial and contractual risks are minimised is preferable to managing it in-house.

Companies that specialise in contractor payroll management will customise a solution to suit your company, from a complete end to end tailored solution through to insurance cover for individual contractors. A good company will also provide a flexible platform for clients to drive new innovations in the management of their contingent workforce and business flow models. This allows the business to experience more control in dealing with their contractors quickly and directly.

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