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Three Oncore Services solutions for IT contractors

Published 4th May 2015

There are many benefits to being an IT contractor. From having the flexibility to work where and when you like, there is also the chance to build up your skills and reputation over a short period of time.

However, since you are essentially a one-person business, it can be difficult to manage your administration and payment processes. As you are the only one responsible for these aspects, it’s imperative to get them right so you can focus on your career.

This is where Oncore Services can come in handy. We understand the need for quality solutions so have created a number of tailor made packages just for IT contractors.

Here are three examples:

1) Salary Packaging Management

Operating as a sole entity can create unnecessary financial risks for individuals. As such, our Salary Packaging Management structure covers your taxes, compliance and liabilities. With this headache out of the way, you are able focus your skills into contracting roles so you can earn to your potential.

One of the benefits of this packaging is that it’s created especially for you. This means that you can be confident that it’ll save you money and provide safe, convenient solutions.

2) Financial Services & Wealth Management

In the absence of a full-time employer, IT contractors need professional financial advice when making important personal decisions. For aspects such as superannuation, insurance, estate planning and investments, our financial services team are able to offer the right advice for your personal situation.

For example, in relation to superannuation, IT contractors need information regarding how much they should be contributing and what types of investments to choose. In each case, the financial advisors at Oncore Wealth Solutions can work closely with you to make your life as easy as possible.

3) Career Mobility

Being an IT contractor means that you often have to travel away from your main base for employment opportunities. However, you don’t want to miss out on these roles because you are concerned about the financial impact of your decision.

Instead you should seek out Career Mobility advice from Oncore Services. Our expert team is able to provide key financial benefits through tax allowances to contractors relocating and moving residence for work.

This can include selling and buying property, travel expenses and moving belongings between locations.

For more information about how Oncore Services can assist your career as an IT contractor, contact our helpful team who are always ready to help.