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Three ways digital is better for businesses

Published 8th June 2016

With the advent of the digital world, companies should be embracing technological innovations the world has to offer. As time is money – so is adaptation.

No matter if you offer contractor recruitment services or deliver raw materials to multiple industries, the digital revolution will leave no organisation untouched. Instead, businesses can not only survive but flourish through online and digital technologies.

In response, here are three trends to look out for:

Digital marketing strategy can boost your numbers

In the good old days, marketing and advertising encompassed a host of mediums. From mailed coupons to radio jingles, a campaign had to balance all these platforms. However, modern marketing also utilises the internet and other digital forms of communication to develop a brand and advertise it to potential customers.

Online marketing can be more than a daunting endeavour, it can be downright scary. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, WordPress blog or your website, people tend to become anxious when using these mediums.

Yet digital marketing offers a range of benefits to businesses – especially small-to-medium enterprises – if they know what they are doing. For one, digital marketing can cost considerably less than other forms – such as print. This can allow even the smallest organisations to get their brand name out there and build an online customer base.

Additionally, it is easy to make ongoing alterations to your digital marketing strategy. Like all types of marketing, the goal is to persuade potential consumers to interact with your brand in order to sell your products. To optimise this process, a business will need to understand what people want.

Organisations can use their online platforms to generate feedback in the form of comments, private messages, emails and even online market research surveys. Most, if not all online platforms have some of these features built in for no extra cost.

Add agility through the cloud

Over the last decade, there has been a major shift in managerial and organisational structures. Previously, companies have focused on process orientated product delivery, however, the focus for organisations has now become agility.

An agile business is one that focuses on people, processes and technology – in equal measure. By doing this, it can optimise its project delivery in less time than, for example, a waterfall approach. Yet, to implement processes that lead to a swift decision-making, a company will need to be able to implement feedback quickly and at all stages.

To attain this, companies need a technological platform that can allow employees and contractor assistance to communicate quickly and avoid the information silos that can derail a project. One way to achieve this is through cloud computing.

The cloud is a technological innovation that allows businesses to store and access their applications online and offsite. One example of this is the suite of Google apps offered to both the public and the private spheres – such as Docs and Sheets.

Through online cloud networks, workers can access up to date information that can be reviewed and altered in real time. This means no waiting around, instead quick access to information and implementation of feedback. With the opportunity to assess a project in real time, an organisation can save money and reduce the time it takes to design and develop a product.

Online payroll services remove the stress

One of the most important processes for a business is payroll. Not only do late payments negatively impact perspectives of employer care but also reduce the effectiveness of teams. However, through an online service, payroll can be automated and outsourced – allowing experts to handle the specifics of payments while your company focuses on other areas.

Additionally, payroll solutions can assist businesses in one of the most important aspects: Compliance. Online payroll management can help companies avoid legal and tax-related issues.

Online payroll can also offer companies a competitive edge through better invoicing accuracy. One consequence of this is a greater access to up to date information. By deploying the expertise of service providers, such as Oncore Services, companies can attain information such as pay breakdown, payment dates and other status-related data.

As the business world never stops, using an experienced service provider can allow flexible and safe approval options that can reduce the chances of an organisation becoming financially stuck. Online services can also be adapted to meet the requirements of companies and allow for easy input from contractors.

With the digital revolution upon us, companies and organisations will need to adapt and adopt an online focus as well as the concomitant technology. Failure to do this may lead to negative survival prospects due to an inability to properly compete in the commercial world.

If you would like to know more about online technology, make sure you talk to Oncore Services today. Why risk your business? Make the right choice and talk to the digital experts.