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What are the new novated leasing initiatives available with Oncore?

Published 3rd April 2018

Are you one of the many Oncore contractors who's adopted novated leasing? Since publishing our guide in October, we've been excited to work alongside industry leaders nlc as we help countless contractors realise their vehicle dreams.

Our relationship with nlc has certainly been a game-changer for novated leasing in Australia – allowing contractors to access a range of benefits from income tax and GST savings to extra fleet discounts.

However, these aren't the end of the benefits. There are now a number of features that will mean you have even greater scope of vehicles and can find the right novated lease option for you and your family. Here's what you need to know!

1) Car Search: any make, any model – Australia-wide

We know that everyone has different tastes when it comes to vehicles – so why not allow you to pick and choose from the largest selection possible? With the help of nlc, Oncore contractors can take advantage of the Car Search function where you can see any vehicle make and model available across the country.

Drive away in the vehicle make and model of your choice.Drive away in the vehicle make and model of your choice.

2) Watch short videos or join an online chat

If you're new to the world of novated leasing, it can be a tricky concept to get your head around. As part of our salary packaging management service, we aim to make novated leasing as easy and hassle-free as possible which is why contractors will have access to more information than ever through videos on the employee portal.

The short videos will answer all those pressing questions – and if you have further queries, nlc's online chat function has team members standing by to fill you in.

3) Explore finance calculators to compare different finance options

Novated leasing is a numbers game – taking into account everything from your annual salary and vehicle price to the length of your term and your annual kilometres. As a result, there are endless possible finance options which will ultimately depend on your personal requirements.

Use the finance calculators on the nlc website to see how much you can afford and where a new vehicle will fit into your finances.

Work out what novated lease option is right with the nlc calculators.Work out what novated lease option is right with the nlc calculators.

4) nlc's new car buying specials

nlc is one of Australia's largest car buyers, allowing Oncore contractors to access a massive in-house market stocked full of new vehicles and demos. They can also assist in the purchase of used vehicles. nlc regularly has a range of new car specials where you can save thousands on the recommended retail price (RRP).

Of course, regardless of your vehicle choice, nlc will negotiate free on your behalf to ensure you get the best price possible for your car. 

If you have any questions about novated leasing or other contractor assistance options, get in touch with the Oncore team today – we look forward to hearing from you!