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Who do you trust? Research shows Aussies mistrust easily in business

Published 26th May 2015

Outsourcing is a common way for businesses to hand over a level of operating control to a group of professionals. Obviously, the idea is to let experts do what they do best, providing people within that business with more time to focus on their own core tasks.

Such a relationship is built on trust, and people are more trusting of some professionals than others.

This was discovered in Roy Morgan’s annual Image of Professions Survey, the 2015 edition of which was released late last month.

By polling almost 600 Australian men and women, Roy Morgan researchers found that there were trend that could not be ignored, some of which shine a light on the professional areas business leaders also find least trustworthy.

Who can you trust in business?

The survey looked at the concepts of “honesty and ethics” and, as this was a public poll, there were some obvious inclusions for most-trusted profession.

Nurses topped the rankings for the 21st year in a row, with 92 per cent of people trusting these medical professionals. Closely behind were pharmacists (84 per cent), doctors (84 per cent) and school teachers (78 per cent).

However, most telling perhaps were those at the bottom of the pile. Worryingly, some of these were people who are commonly turned to for employer and contractor assistance.

Bank managers received a trust rating of only 34 per cent, meaning two-thirds of all Australians have a distinct lack of trust towards these professionals. This has also fallen by 9 per cent since last year – a real hit for those typically most relied upon for finance matters.

Similarly, professionals in charge of mission-critical processes such as payroll were shunned in this most-recent poll. A mere 45 per cent of people trusted their accountants – the lowest proportion of respondents in the past 13 years.

Lawyers also brought up the rear with 31 per cent, while insurance brokers faired particularly poorly with a measly 11 per cent of Australians believing they are trustworthy professionals.

A true outsourcing solution

Trust is infamous for taking a lifetime to earn and a moment to break. Meanwhile, important parts of your business still require this extra professional help in crucial areas like invoicing, insurance and wealth management.

So how can you ensure you are working with people you trust?

Really, this is a two-pronged approach. First, make sure your outsourced services provider has a history of success. Secondly, use the services of people who are truly invested in your business succeeding.

If you have trouble believing the professionals you work with are completely trustworthy, it could be time to look at it another way. Oncore Services is a company built on a history of success and helping your business to succeed. Contact Oncore to find out more.

Who do you trust? Research shows Aussies mistrust easily in business