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WHS model laws clarify responsibilities toward independent contractors

Published 1st June 2017

Oncore and WorkPro e-book offers a clear breakdown of obligations toward contractors and temp workers.

Revised workplace health and safety (WHS) laws take aim at the historical ambiguity surrounding contracted workers. Following a review of the existing legislation, which began in 2011, the Australian government has issued clarification about what happens when one organisation outsources jobs to workers who operate their own business, seek placement through staffing firm or otherwise manage their commercial terms.

It’s a common misconception that outsourcing work to a contractor absolves the employer of normal WHS responsibilities. The new guidelines define categories of workers and outline the obligations as they apply to each party.

Even with clearer legislation, the nuances of WHS responsibilities can be confusing. For that reason, Oncore and WorkPro has addressed the topic at length in the latest production in its e-book series. The Independent Contractor e-book, which is free to download, covers the key aspects of the guidelines, examines legal precedents and offers tips for managing contractors within an overarching program.

You can download your copy here.