Independent Contractors – Workplace Health and Safety

The specialist skills and flexible working times of Contractors mean employers can respond more quickly to market changes, and reduce the obligations that come with permanent headcount.

Many Australian and New Zealand professionals are choosing to become Contractors and entering in to arrangements that offer greater flexibility, work/life balance and higher rates of pay.

The clear benefits do however bring more work health and safety complexity.

WorkPro & Oncore™s latest e-book clarifies and articulates obligations and responsibilities, and includes practical tools and references to help you become an effective manager of Independent Contractors.



Revised Australian WHS Model Laws clearly dictates that when a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) engages a worker to perform work, they have a primary duty of care to that worker. A worker also includes an Independent Contractor under modern WHS Law.

This ebook clarifies and articulates the responsibilities and obligations for work health and safety for this sector of the workforce.

Importantly it provides legal precedents and practical tools to assist in tackling and keeping pace with this workforce disruption and focuses on the rights and obligations of the Independent Contractor and the Employer.

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