Contractor Management Tools

Oncore services are powered by our easy to use contractor management software, making
administration of your contractor engagements easier than ever.

Our online contractor management system guarantees easy 24-hour access to our customer portal and all your essential contracting
information.With electronic timesheets and expense claim forms, it is simple to submit your expenses and manage your contracts electronically through the Oncore customer portal.

All reporting, including salary slips, revenue reports, expenses and timesheets are also available through the portal, which means staying
on top of your contracting engagements by actively managing income and expenditure.

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Online Customer Portal

Oncore’s online portal has been built using the latest in technology to simplify the contracting process. We understand how time-consuming your paperwork and administration can be and we also understand that you’d rather be focusing your time on your job, doing what you do best and maximising your income.

Oncore’s customer portal is available 24/7 and makes everything easier with electronic timesheets and expense processing as well as approval and reporting.

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