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Oncore’s proprietary Oracle corporate payroll software is built by our own Australian team of recruiters, ensuring close alignment to your needs and goals as a firm. Fully 100 per cent hosted on and complemented by a .NET interface, it delivers the enhanced flexibility and reliability across a range of workflows and services.

We pride ourselves on building effective and efficient corporate payroll systems that address the challenges faced by business of all sizes. Working transparently behind your business, our white label solutions keep your clients seamlessly and transparently connected to your brand. Accessible via a unique customised URL set up through your website, all documentation carries your branding, including invoices and account collections. The end result is a product that operates as just another part of your business, helping you achieve your goals.

Our online portal simplifies the entire contracting process with unique and secure logins that are fully configurable based on your access needs. We ensure you have 24/7 access to all your essential contracting information, delivering an online employee timesheet software system that streamlines billing and human resource management. Effectively manage your contracts and contractors in real time, as we give you the knowledge to improve efficiencies across your business and stay on top of your contracting engagements.

With offices in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, our contractor payroll management system can be demoed for you at your convenience. Contact Oncore today to learn more about ECM.


ECM offers unique and customisable features to ensure your contractors are taken care of. With Oncore’s class leading corporate payroll management software, you can focus on growing your business.


Find out how our bespoke contractor project management software, ECM, can be completely customised to help you effectively manage your contracts and contractors in real time.

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Oncore’s ECM software is available in a range of packages, whether you’sre a startup recruitment agency or you’re looking to fully outsource your contingent workforce management.

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To learn more about how ECM, Oncore’s leading contractor management software, could benefit you and your company, talk to one of our team today.

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