We want to help you minimise risks in all areas of your business, particularly when it comes to contractor engagement. An integral component of our contingent workforce solutions includes assisting with corporate risk in the following areas: Insurances, Taxation and Work Health & Safety. Oncore’s fully compliant solutions will ensure these matters, among others, are managed proactively, minimising risk to both your contractors and your company.


Contractor engagement risks and liabilities

Depending on your business needs, Oncore can engage contractors under either a PAYE model or under a Pty Ltd model.

Direct contractor engagement poses risks including potential sham contracting claims if tests are not met, permanent employment claims, fines for breaches, brand / reputational damage or personal risk of penalties against Directors and HR managers.

We can work through all of your contractor engagement arrangements to assist with reducing the risk for your company.


Workplace health and safety

Effective management of WH&S is critical to mitigating risk in any organisation and Oncore is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, visitors and contractors. We recognise our responsibilities and requirements placed upon us by Work Health and Safety legislation and codes of practice and will adhere to these principles in collaboration with our clients, employees and contractors.

Contractors managed by Oncore will be expected to fulfil their obligations with respect to WH&S legislation by fully participating in safety programs, reporting injuries and incidents and following all safety directions, regulations and procedures.