• Overview
  • Online Timesheets & Payroll Management
  • Expense Processing
  • Detailed Reporting & Visibilty
  • Contractor Management Software - Oncore ECM
  • Onboarding & Contractor Administration


With leading edge technology that ensures rich data capture and transparent processes, we provide genuine efficiencies, cost savings and flexibility through a robust and scalable platform, whether you have one contractor or one thousand.

Online Timesheets & Payroll Management

Simplify the payroll process with Oncore’s state-of-the-art timesheet and payroll management system. Payments are made accurately and on time with schedules to suit your business requirements.

Expense Processing

Oncore has developed a powerful expense management system that is simple to use and provides detailed reporting for your contractors’ expenses. 

Detailed Reporting & Visibilty

Monitor projects, track expenses, view payment status, evaluate performance and more. Oncore’s powerful reporting capabilities ensure you’re always making informed decisions about your contractors and your business.

Contractor Management Software - Oncore ECM

Oncore ECM offers unique and customisable features to help your business better manage your contractors, including payroll and timesheet management, along with a range of other useful features. Read more

Onboarding & Contractor Administration

Register all details seamlessly into Oncore’s onboarding platform, including client contracts, contractor agreements and margin calculators. This keeps everything in a secure, easy-to-access system and allows you to automatically register contractors for WH&S inductions and other onboarding tasks as required.

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