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Say Hello to the New Oncore

Published 17th May 2019
Oncore is heading into 2019 with a renewed outlook, and a new look altogether.

Last year was a year of healthy soul-searching for Oncore. And after a period of in-depth reviews and team meetings with sticky note-laden walls, Oncore is heading into 2019 with a renewed outlook, and a new look altogether.

We’ve come back with a refreshed perspective on what is core to our values. After two decades of servicing the contracting industry, our focus comes back to why Oncore existed. In a nutshell, we support you to have the freedom to work the way you want.

Welcome to a world of opportunity

The way we work today is changing – we are seeing a growth in professional contracting as work and life become more fluid than ever.

“Globally 25–30% of the workforce is currently involved in ‘contingent work’ – a number which will exceed 40% by 2020.” – Forbes.

As an employer today, a recruitment agency and as a contractor, this opens up a world of opportunity. Our aim is to continue to support our clients with simplified solutions and services, so they can have the confidence to grow and succeed.

Founded in 1998 by Brenton Henderson, an IT contractor himself, the company has grown into a fully equipped, one-vendor solution to the contracting industry and now runs payroll for over 5000 contractors.  Oncore was developed to provide a solution to a market that was very much a niche 20 years ago. Today, our needs have changed; having more control over the way we work, of balancing life and career is becoming more important and the lifestyle of contracting is no longer ’emerging’, it is here and it will take over the world of work in a significant way.

So with both the future of Oncore and the future of work in mind, our new identity aims to reflect exactly what Oncore means to each of our different clients. Our brand promise is to focus on trust and reliability, to keep it simple, to be cutting-edge in all areas of business, and to support and promote our community.

Here are a few things to look forward to:

  • New onboarding platform (Q1 2019)
  • A brand new website (Q2 2019)
  • New Client and Contractor portals (Q3 2019)
  • And much more!

We hope you’re looking forward to a big 2019 just as much as we are!

Launch Event

We hosted a pre-launch event in Melbourne last week to give our clients and partners a sneak peak into what was to come. We were also fortunate to have a presentation by Adam Walker, Director of Deloitte Australia discussing the workforce of the future and how the pace of technology adoption in our businesses impacts our readiness for the talent of 2025. (see images)

TONIGHT, our clients and contractors have been invited to join a launch party celebration in Brisbane – a sold out event.

Missed a ticket? Not to worry
Watch via our social channels or via our hashtag #WeAreOncore on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Next week, we follow up the launch with an exclusive client event at the Ivy Penthouse in Sydney.

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