Professional Contractors
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Professional Contractors

With over 15 years’ experience in contractor management, Oncore understands your need for flexible
solutions, including safe, convenient employment structures to optimise the contractor advantage.

We want you to be the best in the business, and that means allowing you to focus on what you do well while someone else takes care of the administration?headaches, guaranteeing fully compliant, no-risk solutions as well as outstanding personal service.

Oncore has the infrastructure, technology, experience and expertise to take away all the hassles of administration, taxes, compliance and
liabilities so you can get on with what you do best.

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Learn more about our payroll solutions for contractors

Our contractor management solutions allow you to focus on what you do well, while we take care of the administration. With our infrastructure, this guarantees fully compliant, zero-risk solutions for you while you’re busy contracting.


Salary Packaging Management

Oncore offers a no risk structure for your contract engagements, so you benefit from flexible invoicing and payroll solutions to manage your contractor revenue.

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Financial Services & Wealth Management

Oncore offers a full range of independently managed financial services and wealth management advice help you make the most of your money.

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Career Mobility

Our Career Mobility service takes the hassle out of relocating, with step by step support to ensure you receive the tax allowances available.

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Services for Contractors

[ww-shortcode-fancy-box show_icon_link=”1″ icon_title=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Salary Packaging Management” link_show_more=””]Oncore offers a no-risk structure for your contract engagements, so you benefit from flexible invoicing and payroll solutions to manage your contractor revenue, with the assurance of expert support and full compliance.

[/ww-shortcode-fancy-box][ww-shortcode-fancy-box show_icon_link=”1″ icon_title=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Employment Structures & Insurances” link_show_more=””]Oncore ensures your risks as a professional contractor are minimised through our comprehensive and compliant processes and full insurance cover.

[/ww-shortcode-fancy-box][ww-shortcode-fancy-box show_icon_link=”1″ icon_title=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Contractor Management Tools” link_show_more=””]Oncore services are powered by our easy to use contractor management software, making administration of your contractor engagements easier than ever.


[ww-shortcode-fancy-box show_icon_link=”1″ icon_title=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Financial Services & Wealth Management” link_show_more=””]Managing your money effectively is the key to ensuring you reach your goals, and the Oncore Wealth team wants to help you reach them.

[/ww-shortcode-fancy-box][ww-shortcode-fancy-box show_icon_link=”1″ icon_title=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Personal Insurances” link_show_more=””]Having insurance cover to protect you through life changing events can be the difference between getting your life back on track, or not.

[/ww-shortcode-fancy-box][ww-shortcode-fancy-box show_icon_link=”1″ icon_title=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Expense Processing” link_show_more=””]Career Mobility is a service that provides financial benefits to employees relocating and moving residence for work.

[/ww-shortcode-fancy-box][ww-shortcode-fancy-box show_icon_link=”1″ icon_title=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Superannuation” link_show_more=””]Superannuation is a way to save for your future, to ensure the retirement lifestyle you deserve.


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