Online Timesheets & Payroll

Oncore’s online portal offers the latest in contractor management technology, ensuring you can effectively manage all your contractor ad
-ministration through a single platform which is available 24/7.

All your contractors will receive a unique login, allowing them to update and submit timesheets and expenses regularly, without the hassles
of paper-based recording. And in turn, Oncore’s portal allows you to accurately manage timesheets and expenses with unique approver
logins, as well as detailed reporting across all your contractors.

Our system is also completely scalable to support multiple clients and contractors whether you have 5 or 500 and can be branded with
your company, so it is your brand that grows, not ours.

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Payroll in Detail

Payroll is made simple with Oncore’s online portal, with your approvers and managers having 24/7 access to the payroll and timesheet reporting of all their contractors.

To ensure that your contractors are paid regularly and on time, Oncore also has the ability to provide funding to protect your cashflow, allowing you to effectively scale the growth of your agency without concerns about cash management.

Every contractor has access to the Oncore customer portal and online timesheet system to enter time worked and expenses, and to view payroll information and update personal and invoicing details as required.